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Group of Teenagers

Designed for youth with intellectual disabilities who are attending high school, this program is based on group interest.  

3:30pm to 6:00pm
Registration Required

Programs can include:​

Learn & Explore

Young people participating in Science class

New topic each week, based on group interest:

  • Engineering & construction - marble run, action / reaction, digging & steering

  • Creativity - art & crafts, paint, sculpture, digital art, colour, draw & design

  • Dance - creativity in movement, types of dance & movement

  • Astronomy - stars & planets

  • Puzzles, card games, co-operative games

  • Show & share - connecting self with others

  • Yoga and stretching in chairs - completely adapted

  • Languages - American Sign Language, spoken languages

  • Team building games & activities

  • Music - types of musical instruments, types of music, music in advertising, music in movies, types of bands and orchestras, karaoke, 

  • Environment - the ocean cleanup project, tree planting

  • Podcasting & video making - create an interview, technology to create, using apps, stop motion

  • Science - action / reaction, experiments, 

  • Video gaming, safety online, making friends in online games

  • Gardening - planting, taking care of plants

Future Self Exploration

Volunteers serving food to others
  • Exploring strengths and interests to steer own learning and options

  • Try new things

  • Explore future job opportunities & volunteer options

  • Self awareness & reflection

  • Self advocacy skill building

  • Direction and support with personality testing or person-centered-planning 

Social Group:
Making & Keeping Friends

friends playing card game
  • Conversations with new people

  • Small talk 

  • Socially appropriate topics

  • Continuing a conversation

  • Asking for what you need

  • Creating the next opportunity

  • Understanding others

  • Respect for self and others views

Field Trips

young person bowling
  • Barrie Public Library - Essa, Downtown, Painswick

  • Bowling

  • Mall

  • More to Come!

The ABILITY to Adapt
& Social Skills

group in the park with musical instruments

Ingrained in all AdaptABILITY Programs, these skills are naturally occurring, supported and encouraged during each and every program: 

  • Adapting personal role to people, places, and things 

  • Reflective practice of holistic self

  • Self-advocacy skills

  • Ecological systems theory - defining the effect of self on others and others on self

  • Behaviour and emotional definition and management

  • Communication skills

  • Transitioning skills - ability to transition to new people, places

  • Community self and Home self

  • Independence skills

  • Reflection skills - what went well, what is better to skip, personal role in outcomes, how to make own experience match personal goals

  • Character building

  • Social skills & interaction in natural settings

  • Story telling

  • Cooperation & teamwork

  • APIE (Assess, Plan, Implement, Evaluate) Methodology

  • Emotional regulation & coping skills

  • Education: reading, writing, math

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