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Portrait of a Boy with Glasses

Individualized program for children or youth 
with intellectual disabilities. 

This program combines personalized programming with networking, learning, and parental support. 

Programs are completely individualized,

and can include:

Social Skills

Boy Playing with Blocks
  • Learn social skills

  • Encourage socially appropriate behaviour in natural environments

  • Role play social skills

  • Discuss effect of own social skills on others

  • Discuss effect of others’ social skills on self

  • Encourage reflection of self

Making & Keeping Friends

Young kids
  • Supported & supervised activities with friends

  • Encourage natural interactions

  • Making safe choices with friends

  • Making safe choices for self and others

  • Cooperation skills

Social & Community Outings

Paraplegic Sporting Event
  • Supported and supervised outings

  • Introduction to available, age-appropriate activities

  • Attend group activities, lessons, teams (swimming, soccer, music, cooking, camp)

& Behaviour Management

Yoga Class
  • Routines

  • Rules for self

  • Planning

  • Positive attitude and outlook

  • Monitoring self & check in

  • Time management

  • Perseverance

  • Self- Reflection

  • Goal creation

Parent Support

Support Groups
  • Connect with others

  • Create time & space for self

  • Connect with community resources

  • Create routines

  • Self-reflection

  • Administration

  • Funding Applications

  • Next-steps and Prioritizing support

The ABILITY to Adapt
& Social Program

Ingrained in all AdaptABILITY Programs, these skills are naturally occurring, supported and encouraged during each and every program: 

  • Adapting personal role to people, places, and things 

  • Reflective practice of holistic self

  • Self-advocacy skills

  • Ecological systems theory - defining the effect of self on others and others on self

  • Behaviour and emotional definition and management

  • Communication skills

  • Transitioning skills - ability to transition to new people, places

  • Community self and Home self

  • Independence skills

  • Reflection skills - what went well, what is better to skip, personal role in outcomes, how to make own experience match personal goals

  • Character building

  • Social skills & interaction in natural settings

  • Story telling

  • Cooperation & teamwork

  • APIE (Assess, Plan, Implement, Evaluate) Methodology

  • Emotional regulation & coping skills

  • Education: reading, writing, math

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