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AJ Kirkpatrick

Child & Youth Care Practitioner

AJ Kirkkpatrick, the founder, is smiling, standing in front of a green treed background

AJ Kirkpatrick is a passionate, encouraging, and enthusiastic human, an experienced and professional Child & Youth Care Practitioner, and the proud founder of AdaptABILITY Support Services. 


Believing in meeting people where they are and supporting them along their own path, AJ has supported people with intellectual disabilities for more than 20 years. She uses her experience, enthusiasm, intuition, sense of humour, and unique problem solving skills to support the people she works with. 

Often, people with disabilities are funneled into a one-size-fits-all program without a sense of autonomy, real-world practice, or the opportunity to create their own futures.


As AJ is a strong advocate for supporting individuals in a person-centered way, with a focus on individualizing programs and services to meet the personalized needs of the individual, AdaptABILITY Support Services will always be a customizable, personalized, individualized program. 

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