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About AdaptABILITY

AdaptABILITY Support Services is designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities by offering customizable, personalized programs based on individual interests.


If you are looking for a program that meets you where you are, guides you to discover your likes, passions and skills, and empowers you to follow your dreams while being supported to learn new skills, meet new people and grow, you have found it! 


Based on individual interests, each program is designed for the humans who are participating - even the group programs! There is a program that fits you, your goals, and your interests! And, if you don’t see it listed, please reach out! All programs have the ABILITY to Adapt! There really is an opportunity for you to choose a program that serves you! 


Based on the group’s interests, the Day Program and Afternoon Program are designed to support each person in their own learning and experience, allowing them to gain new skills, meet new friends, participate in new activities, and have fun together!


The Individual Adult Program, and Individual Child / Youth Program is completely customizable and based on individual goals. Have a specific goal in mind? Let’s work together to get you there! 


Respite services are available, with support from trained, professional, caring and compassionate support workers, so you can rest assured knowing your loved one is in good hands.


AdaptABILITY looks forward to designing your program!

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