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Mission and Values


As the scope of AdaptABILITY Support Services continues to develop, the mission of AdaptABILITY is clear: ​

  • Create individualized and adaptable programs that provide opportunities for people living with intellectual disabilities to enhance their own lives. 

  • Encourage the standard of autonomy for all people, especially people living with intellectual disabilities.

  • Strongly advocate to create an inclusive local community for people living with intellectual and physical disabilities.

  • Support individuals and their families by meeting people where they are and supporting them along their own path. 


  • Provide individualized programs, supports, and services for people with intellectual disabilities

  • Empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to learn and experience anything they choose 

  • Create a collaborative community that has the ABILITY to Adapt 


Values :

  • Full autonomy 

          - Your ability to choose for yourself

  • People first, and people first language

          - Everyone is their own person and should be honoured as an individual

  • Passion and positivity 

          - Do things you enjoy, and enjoy doing the things you're doing

  • Real-life skills

          - Not your ordinary “life skills”; we are living our real lives right now

  • Redefine success

          - We are all successful every day, we can define what success looks like

  • Problem solve

          - There's always a way - let’s figure out how

  • Person-centred learning

          - Individualized; it’s about you and your own goals

  • Enthusiasm and encouragement

          - Your attitude determines your destination

  • Care and compassion

         - Be kind to yourself, and be kind to others

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